R12 – Perfect Presents

J. Berger’s quote encapsulates our proposal and its aim. The evocative image of the constellations represents the way in which we would like to construct the AA Summer School this year: by drawing connections, narrating stories, and gifting experiences, regardless of where students will join it from. Stars symbolize students, their works and their locations, and the constellations represent their physical and virtual interactions in the AA Summer School and beyond as an ongoing process.  

To Care will be translated into the working method for the AA Summer School. Students will be involved in collaborating with one another, thus taking care of each one, and building a working process together. This will start with individual practice which, by means of a series of actions, will evolve and progressively become collective, moving from the domestic space, which has been the main space during the pandemic, to the urban landscape with a new perspective. Additionally, to Care, the essential premise of the act of designing will shape the content of any design action. Students will be invited to narrate their own story, through their private space and objects seeped with meanings and emotions. Later on, students will shift their objects of care from their own rooms to their neighborhood and community and, at its furthest extension, their city. 

Furthermore, each action of Care will be translated into the most powerful object: the Gift. 

Academic / University

AA Summer School



Architectural Association School, London

MAR Office | PhD. Chiara Toscani

1° lecture: Design Antonio Barone
2° lecture: Artist Alek O
3° lecture: Oitoo Observatory