R06 – Re/think

The photographic research supports first the architectural education and then the profession in all its parts and aspects. It’s intended as a documentation of the everyday experience at all scales without being limited into a single field. Photography and Architecture get more complementary, not as simple representation of a completed process but as a continuous research, practice, stimulus of contamination. Investigations related to the use of the spaces, landscapes, social realities, habits of different cultures.

Architecture: Architecture as spaces for the human being’s needs. From the simple art of construction, the concept of architecture has progressively defined and broadened its specific meaning of conception arriving to include all the modifications, casual and not, made by man on the environment at all scales, from the ones of the territory and landscapes to the ones of the cities and houses. In this way the human and the territory, result of a complex cultural production, create architecture.

Scenarios: The whole of different elements that constitute an environment, defining a surface on which the aspects of a temporary and elusive spatial reality are being depicted, impressed and recorded. Here the environment, the natural landscape, the buildings and people serve as a scene, becoming the context inside which specific situations, imaginary or real, develop, constant or in evolution.

People: Life, human existence, the person as an independent element, individual or part of a group, a community that thanks to its presence is able to translate, pass on and share its context. The person and the scene are complementary actors.

Zoom: The interest and the attention for the colors, shades, moments that become rhetorical figures as a synecdoche, the container for the content, the part for the whole. The daily life has been abstracted and decontextualized like a fixed look on the reality.





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Juarez Corso