R01 – Mediterotopia

It is to think of the Mediterranean as of a land among lands, a continent, a territory defined by the distinctive features of the nations that mark its limits.

Its solidity does not simply come from the notion of “opposite” but is also strengthened by that of movement. It is a space which is never still but all the time crossed by living elements 24h/24 like the sky; a space where the transport and exchange of energy reinforce the notion of solidity: solidity comes from movement, it generates from the endless, non-stop crossing. At this point we understood that in order to be part of this “continent”, to be able to share its point of view, we had to stay still, to be in on it. The move from this idea to the recognition /singling out of the islands as a possible solution was very quick, so simple to be nearly commonplace. They are the “bridges” that allow communication and uniting in this territory.

The project cannot but take into account what is going on around and within the Mediterranean: the economic, political and cultural problems it is dealing with. To get a new overall vision, multilevel work is necessary. To tell about this territory four main items have been chosen: information, government, conflicts and instruction. The islands are considered as fixed points, however with a great dynamic energy within: i.e. dynamic points. Three points with distinct peculiarities that are fundamental to the development of the projects.

Alboran is nowhere island and its “unterritoriality” allows it to establish a  relationship and to unite with the invisible continent – the web territory, Internet territory – so it becomes the control centre, the voice of this territory; a convergence point as well as a starting one. It becomes a sort of black box, a fixed point with an extremely powerful dynamism, an infinitesimal point with a global extension.

Malta is a crossing land /territory, a point capable of holding a dialogue with the various ONG and political organizations. It might be a Euro Mediterranean seat, which organizes and distributes the energies of this territory, both a reference and a contact point.

Cyprus is an accumulation territory, or better, its border – a battlefield which cuts and divides the island – is turned into an arrival place.

The University becomes “a journey” and, depending on the study plan, the Mediterranean University in progress.

Mediterotopia – the Mediterranean Sea is the only territory which holds all the others within, it is the real heterotopy.




Mediterranean Sea

2.505.000 Km²

Politecnico di Milano

Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu

Prof. Arch. Remo Dorigati

Assistant Supervisor
Prof. Arch Matteo Poli, Prof. Arch. Giancarlo Floridi

Thanks to
Matvejevic Predrag, Giuliano Della Pergola, Stefano Mirti, Elena Turetti, Dino Gavinelli, Vincenzo Ferrara, Agostino Spataro, Fondazione Michelangelo Pistoletto, Stefania Panebianco & Centro Jean Monnet

• Selected Project at I Beijing Biennale, Beijing PRC, 2004
• Selected Project  at A.L.A.D. LAB exhibition, Milan, 2004
• Finalist Project at Premio Cenacolo per l’editoria, 2004, “mediterotopia”
• FOCUS SU… a cura di Diego Caramma PresS/Tletter n.28 – 2004