M17 – Welcome X

Welcome X is part of a series of Elements that inhabit and activate the renovated spaces of the Palazzo Giureconsulti.

It belongs to a series of devices especially developed and designed for a project where single iconic elements are the only presence in the architectural space, with the specific role to concentrate all the functional and technical parts. Its movement follows different needs also introducing amazement to the visitor’s experience.

WX is a multifunctional desk for welcoming environments where innovation, discovering and adaptable design are fundamental. Characterised by an accurate construction engineering solution, the desk is conceived as a monolite able to split in two submultiple parts. The upper part is conceived as a unique interactive screen where the contents are displayed and shared with the visitors. The lower part is meant as more classic cabinet, functioning as a proper container. 

The two stacked and pivoting volumes allow different configurations according to the use and the users. The anodised aluminum surfaces are in mat lacquered pure orange, the digital top of the upper volume is equipped with 4 screens 55”inch.

Featuring an impressive technical research, Welcome X makes ample use of technology in an understated manner, ensuring the most flexible user experience possible.

Design / Furniture

Project Location
Milan, Italy



Multifunctional Desk

MAR office | Antonio Barone

Design Team Concept/SD
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu

Design Team DD/CD/SC
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu, Antonio Barone

Structural parts
Sinergo spa with Marco Brugnerotto, Paolo Panniello

Multimedia: Project CM s.r.l / Airone
Aluminum El.: Indaco srl
Iron/Forger El.: Carpenteria Palmieri

Animation Video/3D: Severino Iritano
Site Photo: by MAR Office

WX 01 at Palazzo Giureconsulti, April 2022, Milan,Italy

Technical info
Dimension L4900 x W730 x H1100 mm