M13 – What does remain?

The contemporary ecological crisis forces us to rethink the role of architecture. Instead of proposing new design approaches, the exhibition aims to focus on the essential values of architecture and design itself. 

What does remain? is the question that precedes the answer, informs the design concept and the exhibition content. 

The exhibition is developed around two main conceptual elements: Isole and Archivio.

Isole are native forms, multiples and devices, consisting of three objects: the Steps, the Bench, the Wall. Free to roam in the gallery space, they can be seen, moved, and used, suggesting multiple scenarios, enhancing archive additions, activating events and workshops. 

Archivio is a retroactive premonition. It’s a process conceived as an ongoing and open audio-visual research displayed on the Wall and diffused in the audio-room: a corpus of documents, a tableau vivant of materials from miscellaneous archives and disciplines, an “Opera Aperta”. 

Curator / Installation

Prague, CZ



Viper International Open Call 2021

VIPER Gallery

MAR office | Phd. Chiara Toscani | Antonio Barone

Team Competition
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu, Chiara Toscani, Antonio Barone, Serena Dambrosio con Matteo Braghin, Nicolò Lastrico