A21 – Lamborghini

The proposal for Lamborghini is conceived as a Total Space that engages the road, distance between two points and measure of the space and the time. The two roundabouts are like two celestial bodies in this “space”, two elements that attract and complete each other, embodying a duality that is part of a whole.

A Star and a Black Hole: a bright and a powerful element

The strategy is to occupy the whole space of the roundabouts, an extension of the context, generating a void enclosed into a perimeter: a Rotunda whose limit is an open volume that unveils a specific character. The Rotunda is a stage for Lamborghini, an active and charged void that represents the potential of a monument that is not just a contemplative object but a space related with the legacy of the House of the Bull therefore with the territory of Sant’ Agata, the experience of the road, the movement, the speed. The project, with its gravity, introduces a new component in the landscape: a variation, a vision, an experience that signs a threshold.

The size of the rotunda works at a large scale, the scale of the territory and the scale of the monument. The size of the single element brings back to the small scale, human, related to the direct experience, the details and the technologies. The presence of the two scales marks the bond with the territory yet its exceptionality expanding the significance of being a monument. The rhythm given by the elements accompanies and produces a sequence that follows the movement around it, suggesting an infinite motus, boosting the moment of the entrance to the Lamborghini Universe. 

Urban / Infrastructure


International Competition
“Lamborghini Road Monument”

Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy

Automobili Lamborghini s.p.a

MAR Office

Team Competition
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu, Daniele Bonetti, Severino Iritano, Michele Zambetti

Maquette: Stefano Goffi
Architectural visualization: Severino Iritano
Photos: by MAR Office

Structure: Architecnica
Lighting: Spacecannon s.n.e