A19 – Serviced Apartment

The project site is in a mélange neighborhood with parks, close to universities, art galleries, design district, office buildings, retail and services; it’s connected to transportation facilities and close to the airport and main infrastructure. It’s an area that is expanding quickly.

The program is a mix of serviced apartments and facilities that allows international travelers and city users of different provenience to easy establish in Milan.The response is a project that promotes sustainability; the variety provided for the program is possible in a context of efficient and flexible design solutions.From a typical tower floor-plan with regular footprint and central core, the tower optimizes the views and orientation with its unique rhomboid-shaped volume, generating a dynamic relation with the context. 

Each floor can be configured in different ways; the building is designed for conversion measures providing free and flexible floor-plates suitable to many configurations, different use and future changes. Residential units range from a minimum of one per floor to a maximum of six, thus the program mix could be revised at every design stage and in the future according to the market’s requests and building management’s needs. The maximum flexibility is achieved at each floor plate. The tower’s main structure is based on the building vertical Core and on a system of shear walls. Wet areas (Mep Services) are placed in two main areas that cross the building on the longitudinal section.

Due to the small footprint the 60% of the site is occupied by the garden. Landscape surrounds the building creating a green buffer from the main road and the context, and giving more privacy to the amenities placed outdoor. The ground Floor is equipped with Lobby facilities and a Café and a comfortable lounge area facing the private garden provides moments for casual meetings and relax; the space extends to an outdoor deck connected to the pool.

The facilities include also a gym area, a relax lounge and outdoor terrace with panoramic view. At the top floor a Sky terrace provides a stunning view on the city.

Hotel / Tourism
Milan Serviced Apartment


Schematic Drawing

Milan, Italy

Site 1775 m² / GFA 2147,5 m²


MAR Office

Team SD
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu

Architectural visualization: Severino Iritano
Axo 3D: Gianluigi Formentin