A15 – LEA House

A young couple commissioned us the project after having bought an apartment in a building under construction. The unit occupies half of the third floor on the south side of the building that has the best view on the city and the see in the distance. Since the construction sits on a slope facing south, a valley that crosses part of the city separating the downtown from the uptown, it follows that the unit is located on the seventh floor. 

The design is based on a series of interconnected rooms with different programs, with no hierarchy; the different sequences of the spaces are due to the inhabitant’s needs, uses, paths, habits etc. This generates a condition of continuity through the variation, and the possibility to use the spaces like separated parts or linked to the whole. 

The floor is a continuous oak wood surface through the entire apartment; it changes direction in each room generating a pattern that defines the single spaces. The servant volumes are finished with white matt lacquer, they are mainly cabinets or open shelves. Some of them open up completely introducing another space like a study niche, a vanity, a pantry; these pockets are characterized by a specific colour or a different material. The almost neutrality of the volumes is disturbed by the colours that range from sulphur yellow, chocolate brown, grey, pink to black-blue. 

The Carrara marble is used both in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. The master bathroom is completely cladded with the marble, a Carrara pool. The others are cladded partially. 
In the kitchens the marble is used in the rectangular volume of the island and in the cooking niche insert in the cabinet. The edge of the volume facing the bedrooms is finished with the mirror, symmetrically at the edge of the volume facing the kitchen on the opposite side runs a mirror sliding door; the spaces are multiplied, thus amplifying the physical and visual relations of the rooms.




Sassari, italy

House 125 m² / Balcony 74 m²


MAR Office

Team SD/DD
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu, Daniele Bonetti, Elizaveta Sudravskaya

Team CD/SC
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu

Maquette: by MAR Office
Photos: by MAR Office

Contractor: Nieddu Costruzioni
Carpentry: Zara
Lighting: Elcom s.r.l