A14 – Europan12

The site is a urban destination and a connector.

The main entrances are located strategically and the public permeability is provided both for pedestrian routes and bikes. The site free area at 62%. A continuous loop generates an horizontal sequence through the building, mixing residential, facilities and services. The loop activates movement, interconnection and social cohesion. 

The loop and the cores distribute and connect all the program elements generating a network of routes and communications like a “urban neighbourhood”. At the ground level, like in a townhouse context, the units have access from private gardens completely integrated with the natural environment. At the upper levels group of units are distributed along the loop, while others have access directly from the cores.

Various unit types and program elements are placed at each floor, generating many chances of interaction within the different users and a 24/7 continuously active building.
The flexibility of the modular system  allows change, resize, conversion encouraging multiple uses.  Part of 7%facilities and 8%Services can be easily converted to residential program and viceversa.The result is an unpredictable mixed configuration and the possibility to adapt to new situations over the years.

Each unit type has a broad range of variations according to position, distribution, layout, orientation, view,  outdoor space.
The demand for a big variety of living spaces is satisfied while allowing the use of standards components and modular building blocks. Ample shared spaces are provided while also preserving intimate space, privacy, individuality. The building massing and position optimizes the solar orientation. The courtyard-shaped volume slopes  towards south-west opening the views to the neighborhood, the new park and facing the sun.

70% of the units are double oriented. This allow multiple views, good daylight, fresh air. The loop distribution is north orientated, in this way the gallery units have main view on the south side enjoying the orientation, facing the sun Differentiation between south and north facades allows better performance of the building achieving passive house standards.

Outdoor Spaces
Units are provided of outdoor space. Terraces protrudes towards the court yard or towards the park on the south side, like a  natural extension of the indoor space. The loop is also used as an open  public balcony. The Facilities, placed from the 3rd floor to the top, extent to the roof terraces. Indoor and outdoor shared activities are encouraged. 18% of floor area is occupied by the roof terraces. The loops creates an interactive network of outdoor spaces offering opportunity of interlinked programs and social life.

Promoting sustainability is a central element in the project. The variety provided for the complex program is possible in a context of standardisation.

Residential / New Construction


International Competition

Nuremberg, Germany

Site 7150 m²


MAR Office

Team Competition
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu, Emilio Boiardi, Daniele Bonetti, Gianluigi Formentin, Nicola Provenzano, Andres Silva

Study Maquette: Daniele Bonetti
Final Maquette: Stefano Goffi
Photos: by MAR Office