A13 – Housing

The project site is surrounded by a post-industrial context that has been changing its aspect in the past years through a process of urban renovation. The area is in the east side of Milan, close to the highway and train infrastructure but also to a big linear park that once completed will connect the neighbourhood to other parts of the city generating a green link.

The building was designed as a compact block made of two main juxtaposed parts: a retail podium and a residential volume. The vertical residential block penetrates the podium generating the main lobby and defining the only element that touches the ground in continuity with the upper block. The glass facades of the retail are setback from the main volume; a truss beam that defines a porch and a protected area for the entrances to the retail part supports the generous cantilever.

The building is setback from the main road; a green and a paved area occupy the space that faces Rubattino Street; the pedestrian path continues all around the ground floor guarantying continuity in the lot. A ramp at the northwest side allows entrance to the basement parking; a U shaped road surrounds the building serving a drop-off, a load area and the parking lots in the backyard. 

The podium footprint is 34,4×22,6m, the  residential building is 34,4x10m and reaches up to seven stories high. The vertical circulation is arranged by a core with elevator and staircases that connects the levels from the basement to the top; at each floor the distribution to the units occurs via a long balcony/galley that characterises the south façade.  There are 23 residential units and two shop units at the ground floor. Typical floor type has two 1br units in the middle that face the public route and two 2br units at the two corners that have the private terrace.

At the first floor it’s located a common space, directly connected to the public balcony ad a playground area that sits on top the podium’s roof providing an integrated system of outdoor-indoor facilities for the residents; the space is surrounded by a lush roof-garden that separates it from an area covered by photovoltaic panels on the south side of the roof.

Residential / New Construction


PDC / Building Permit

Milan, Italy

Site 1775 m² / GFA 2147,5 m²


MAR Office

Team SD/DD
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu con Federico Bettazzi, Daniele Bonetti, Gianluigi Formentin, Nicola Provenzano, Andres Silva, Valentina Smirenina, Elizaveta Sudravskaya

Team CD
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu

Study Maquette: Daniele Bonetti
Final Maquette: Nicola Provenzano

Structure: MBS Ingegneria
Acoustic: MBS Ingegneria
Fier prevention: MBS Ingegneria
MPE: Ruffuno & Mereu

Architectural visualization: Levelarchiviz