A08 – Terrazza Forma

The design of the Foundation Terrace is conceived as a folded plane plugged into the existing outdoor space. The intention is to transform the current terrace by means of just one single element.

The free area is maximized, which allows to activate the space in different ways, therefore generating multiple scenarios. The continuous surface folds create a canopy. Its presence forms three different environments that are continuous but show distinct features: patio, canopy and stage. The patio is accessible by means of a big window, whose opening allows to unify the spaces and to use them as a continuum.

In summer the canopy provides a sheltered area, while in winter the same area can be closed with curtains, so forming a protected space directly connected with the indoor. 

The stage is characterised by a space placed at +1.20m height, and connected to the ground by steps. Those are used as fixed seats and lead to a privileged space where people can look at the outside and can be seen from the street as if they were on a stage. The stage looks both onto the terrace and to the public square. Multiple points of views and multiple uses of the space transform the terrace into a meeting place related to the city.

Fundation / Cultural


Invited Competition 1º prize

Fondazione Forma, Milan, Italy

80 m²

Fondazione Forma

MAR Office

Team Competition
Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu

Curator: Doppiozero

Maquette: by MAR Office
Photos: by MAR Office