A01 – House

The initial assumption of the project started from the request of both preserving the typical 30s Milanese interiors and having a functional core that would make the apartment function better. The concept was to keep the layout of the apartment almost intact and to intervene in a specific part of it, placing a box that would contain all the services. Its semi-central position makes it interact with the various areas of the apartment.

The new volume acts as a big storeroom, the rest of the space is free and basically works as a sequence of rooms one linked to another.  The circulation is a loop that crosses each room and the volume itself; communication is easy and apparently there is no hierarchy in the order of the rooms. The volume organizes the space around it and generates different configurations. The use or non-use of the rooms that surround it produces different sets that are autonomous and yet part of the whole. Every inhabitant can either have his privacy or be linked to the others.

The preservation of the apartment is also evident in the materials. The original floors made of herringbone oak parquet and the decorated marble tiles were maintained; the ceilings with stucco works, the white painted wooden windows and interior doors were restored.

The volume is cladded with teak wood; the closet and the doors that are part of it are in teak wood as well. The look is rather compact; the height is lower than the existing ceilings, thus reinforcing the volumetric perception and the concept of a new addition. When the doors of the inner passages are wide open, the volume appears to be divided into two blocks, which again changes the perception of the space and of its configuration.




Milan, Italy

140 m²


MAR Office

Juarez Corso, Paola Mongiu

Maquette: by MAR Office
Photos: by MAR Office

Constructor: Tirozzi Costruzioni
EMP: Lantieri Impianti
Joinery: Arr. Brenna Snc